100 Reasons to Send a Greeting Card

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100 Reasons to Send a Greeting Card

When was the last time you acknowledged someone special in your world? Everyday it becomes a bit easier to become detached from people we care about. Don’t let people slip away. Stay remembered!

Don’t have time to send a greeting card,  don’t have their address,  normally not a card sender.  We make it easy for you.

Here is a list of 100 different ways to reach out with a greeting card.

1. To say “Happy graduation.”
Welcome to the real world.
2. To say “Nice to meet you!”
Let’s have coffee.
3. To congratulate someone on getting their driver’s license.
No texting and driving. Always best to send a card.
4. To celebrate a new year.
Let’s make this year better than the last. And then let’s do the same next year.
5. To congratulate someone on getting a puppy.
They make edible cards, right?
6. To congratulate someone on getting a kitten.
They have years of being ignored ahead of them, so why not give them a little attention now.
7.To welcome a baby into the family.
In about 18 years they’ll have time to finally read your card.
8.To “apologize” for not inviting someone to your wedding.
It’s tough. A little thoughtfulness now can save a lot of awkwardness later.
9.To offer a random compliment.
Fact: 100% of people enjoy receiving compliments. Fact #2: Your hair looks great today.
10.To say, “Look at this gorgeous card I found.”
Don’t keep something that pretty to yourself.
11.To congratulate someone on a new car.
Butter them up for when you inevitably ask to borrow it.
12.To celebrate Thanksgiving.
No one sends “Happy Thanksgiving” cards. Be unique.
13.To celebrate the Fourth of July.
If they’re American, it’s sort of a second birthday card.
14.To congratulate someone on a promotion.
If appropriate, maybe include your résumé.
15.To wish someone good luck on an upcoming surgery.
Not that you need luck or anything. You’re in very skilled, capable hands.
16.To share a recipe.
Add one tablespoon of friendship …
17.To wish someone a happy anniversary.
Sticking to milestone years is boring. “Happy 17th Wedding Anniversary” is unique.
18.To wish someone a happy divorce.
Know your audience on this one.
19.To congratulate your friends kid for hitting that home run!
You were there and saw it.
20.To congratulate someone on buying a new house.
Be the first card on their fridge.
21.To apologize.
Cowards hide. Take sincere responsibility for your words and actions.
22.To simply, personally connect.
Stop broadcasting. Start narrow casting.
23.To recognize made-up holidays.
Happy Lumpy Rug Day. Because apparently that’s a thing.
24.To make fun of a friend’s fantasy sports team.
Sometimes the message board isn’t enough to get your point across.
25.To share a drawing.
When words fail, there’s always art.
26.To thank your future boss for interviewing you.
Cards stand out. Emails get filtered out.
27.To thank your great neighbors for being great neighbors.
A good neighbor can be hard to find. Treasure the good ones.
28.To thank a client.
When was the last time you remember someone raving about the “really thoughtful” email they got?
29.To thank your parents.
If only raising you was as easy as sending a card to thank them.
30.To thank a teacher.
Even if you haven’t seen them in years, they’ll appreciate the thought.
31.To reach out to a celebrity.
Let them know you’re a fan. You may even get an autograph in response.
32.To reconnect with an old pen pal.
Long time, no talk. Like 20 years, right? So what’s new?
33.To play a move in chess.
Old school, right? One move per day gives you some time to strategize.
34.To remind someone about a debt.
We haven’t forgotten about that $50 you “borrowed,” Andy.
35.To prove your psychic powers.
Make some predictions, mail them to yourself, get the date postmarked on it, have your friends open it once your predictions come true.
36.To wish a happy half-birthday.
Send half a card now and the other half on their real birthday.
37.To let someone know you care.
Remember, you’re the one that let them slip away.
38.To thank someone for being a friend.
Do it right and you might still be friends when you’re old and retired in Miami.
3.To commiserate about growing older.
The aging process sucks, and no one’s immune. Talk it out.
40.To remind your spouse about an errand.
Cards don’t go in one ear and out the other.
41.To compliment someone’s outfit.
Better yet, keep a stack of these cards in your purse. Fab fashion can strike at any time.
42.To thank an intern.
Sure they’d prefer cash or a full-time gig, but this is a nice way to show appreciation.
43.To tell someone about your great day.
Hit all green lights on the way to work, dominated another workday, ate an amazing dinner, then sent this awesome card.
44.To invite someone to join you on vacation.
Why wait for the trip to use postcards?
45.To let someone’s pet know how much you miss it.
Address it to Fido, and include a treat for him being suchagoodboyyyyyy …
46.To thank your grandparents for the great DNA.
You couldn’t have done it without them.
47.To share a random fact.
Did you know alligators love marshmallows?
48.To come clean about an old lie.
We all had our theories about who actually let the dogs out.
49.To invite someone to join your karaoke group.
Nothing brings a group of people closer than matching pitch together.
50.To ask a bunch of unanswerable questions.
Why do 24-hour stores have locks on their doors? Aren’t platypuses weird?
51.To share prospective baby names.
Sharing suggestions during the pregnancy will help avoid a ridiculous last-minute panic name, like Jonathan, David or Andrew.
52.To congratulate someone on getting back in shape.
They put in the effort. They’ll appreciate yours, too.
53.To console a recent empty nester.
They’ll learn to love the sound of a silent house while the kids are off at school.
54.To kick-start a story.
Write the opening paragraph. Encourage them to follow up with the next one. Bring your Frankenstory to life.
55.To introduce yourself to a soon-to-be-roommate.
You’ll be sharing a lot of stuff together. Start by sharing a friendly gesture.
56.To ask someone to be a part of your wedding.
Bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls. They all love you, and they all love heartfelt cards.
57.To possibly make someone a millionaire.
Put a lottery ticket in there. If your numbers hit, it will be an unbelievable story.
58.To congratulate someone on getting a job.
A nice card may even make it onto their cube wall.
59.To congratulate someone on becoming their own boss.
How many people can say they gave something with “World’s Greatest Boss” on it and actually meant it?
60.To give someone a high five.
Open card, firmly place hand here.
61.To congratulate someone for making it through their first month of parenthood.
It’s sink or swim. And they swam.
62.To wish a friend good luck on a job interview.
“Where do you see yourself in five years?” Still treasuring this card, that’s where.
63.To wish an employee good luck on a job interview.
The best way to put the writing on the wall is to first put it into a card.
64.To apologize for not being able to help a friend move.
A great alternative to actually having to help a friend move.
65.To wish someone a happy first anniversary.
It is the Paper Anniversary, after all.
66.To congratulate a kid on losing their first tooth.
It’ll happen 19 more times, but this is the one to celebrate.
67.To wish someone good luck on moving to a new city.
They’ll make new friends. Make sure those new friends aren’t as cool as the old ones.
68.To wish someone a Happy Shark Week.
They’ve been waiting all year for this. Everyone has.
69.To congratulate someone on their first touchdown, goal or home run.
Points on the scoreboard, cards on the fridge.
70.To complain about something.
An email won’t get a response. A card won’t get ignored as easily.
71.To thank your doctor or dentist.
Your dentist helps you with your smile. Help him with his.
72.To give someone a well-deserved round of applause.
Draw a hand on one side of the card. Draw another hand on the other. Open and close the card repeatedly.
73.To invite friends to a dinner party.
Look at that. One personal, human gesture leads to another.
74.To thank someone for their ideas in a meeting.
Nurture creativity. It’s what separates us from the computers.
75.To let your friends know you’ve changed addresses.
This will help them know where to send their cards back.
76.To console someone after the death of a pet.
Furry family members are still family members.
77.To wish someone a happy birthday.
78.To apologize for forgetting a birthday.
79.To congratulate someone for passing a non-milestone grade.
Good job making third grade look easy.
80.To congratulate someone for beating an illness.
Life’s not always easy. But it’s easier with friends that care.
81.To meet your new neighbors.
You don’t even need to mail these.
82.To remind someone you love them.
Those three magical words. Surrounded by a bunch of other magical words.
83.To fight homesickness.
Mom and dad would love to hear from you.
84.To say “I was wrong.”
You totally were. Swallow your pride with sincerity.
85.To recognize someone’s top-notch landscaping.
They put in a lot of hours for a lawn that nice. Give them a nod of approval with a card.
86.To celebrate Valentine’s Day.
There are a lot of people in your life that deserve a valentine.
87.To apologize to a roommate.
Nothing actually magically disappears from a fridge. We know it was you.
88.To say hi to your grandparents.
They came from a distant time and place where sending cards was more the norm. And they’d love to hear from you.
89.To show off your penmanship.
It’s tough to say which is better – your words or your pen strokes.
90.To root someone on during pregnancy.
Pregnancy is incredibly hard. Sending a card? Incredibly easy.
91.To ask someone to a dance.
Hurry, before all the good dates are gone.
92.To celebrate the seasons.
Share your summer with friends.
93.To console someone on their birthday.
Not everyone loves adding a year to their age. Commiserate accordingly with an unhappy birthday card.
94.To reconnect with your best friends from high school.
They’re your oldest friends. What time and space separates, thoughtfulness and humanity reunites.
95.To encourage someone with an “I Am” statement
Make it happen.
96.To tell someone you miss them.
Who knows? They may even miss you, too.
97.To congratulate someone for finally quitting a job they hated.
Sometimes it’s OK to be a quitter.
98.To share a random memory with someone.
Some of the best sentences start with “Remember when …”
99.To thank someone for something small.
Sincerity is a lost art. Practice often.
100.Just because.
Why not?

Tongue tied?  Not sure what to say?  Here’s a good read for you! words

I wish to acknowledge “Paper and Packaging” for a list of their reasons to send cards! Thank You!

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What is important on Mother’s Day

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What is important on Mother’s Day

“A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts.” ~Washington Irving

One might wonder if anyone anticipated the importance the day would gain when Woodrow Wilson made Mother’s Day an official day of celebration in the United States in 1914. The official Mother’s Day as most people know it originated with Anna Jarvis to recognize the sacrifices of her mother and all other mothers. But a day honoring mothers is not unique to the United States.

Around the world, a day to honor mothers typically falls between March and May. However, each month at least one country observes a day for mothers. And many of these celebrations have a long history. In the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe, a similar day was the Christian festival known as “Mothering Sunday.” In some places it eventually merged with the American Mother’s Day celebrated in May, but in others it is still celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent. In Thailand Mother’s Day is now celebrated in August. In Ethiopia families gather in the fall for Antrosht, a multi-day celebration honoring motherhood.

No matter when or how it is celebrated, what is important about this day is its purpose: to recognize the caring, nurturing, supportive, sacrificial love of mothers. As you celebrate Mother’s Day this year, remember that it is a day not only to honor your own mother but also to honor any woman who has exemplified those wonderful qualities of a mother in your life.

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Women in Business Encourage, Support & Nurture

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8-16-2013 9-16-25 AM

Women in Authentic Business 

Congratulations!! You are a strong woman who has made the decision to be in business for yourself. You may want to be home with your children to see them grow, or you may have a strong creative desire to be an inspired entrepreneur. Whatever your reason, you are a woman business owner and are committed to success. Women in history have bonded and formed unbreakable connections for unilateral success by tapping into their creative core and stepping up in the world of business. Your strong emotions and nurturing beliefs allow you to create a business with authenticity and grace.

There has never been a better time to be a business owner than today! 

When deciding to become a woman business owner you go through phases where you wonder what activities in business would best be a vibrational fit for your visions of success. Marketing is one area you will find consumes much of your thought time. Creative solutions for marketing a divine authentic business are on your priority list. We have found greeting cards to be a unique and very personal way to connect with both your current marketing base and future prospects.

Have you ever gone out to get the mail to find a greeting card with your name hand written on the envelope? If you have then you know an emotion surfaces almost instantly. This emotion is happiness that someone thought of you for your birthday, special occasion or for sympathy. Either way, the happiness factor when someone opens a greeting card is powerful and is a great tool for you to use in your marketing.

The natural bond women business owners share is the bond of having a nurturing soul. My our very birthright as women, we want to help others. We want to help young children grow and develop their hearts and minds into loving and successful adults. We want to help our friends become better wives, mothers and leaders. Finally we want to help our daughters become great female leaders by being an example to theme.

SendOut Cards is a company dedicated to helping you succeed in life and business.

For more information visit http://www.totallyawesomecards.com 





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Heart Space Marketing – A Great Idea

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februaryAre you a business owner with a flat marketing campaign that you just can’t seem to get moving and shaking? Do you really want to market from and to the heartspace to create a personalized experience for your customers? Let’s look back at the concept of marketing to see just where we have been and where we are going in the future. Going into the “Way Back” machine do you remember the old Coca-Cola commercials where a group of people were holding candles and singing “I’d like to teach the world to sing”, or the “Ancient Chinese Secret” detergent commercial?

♥It’s Never Too Late for Heart Space Marketing!♥



These brands used marketing techniques such as television advertisements & billboards to create a brand awareness. Marketing this way reaches the masses, but doesn’t really create a sense of personalization and warmth.  Today in the busy marketing environment we are blessed with, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest dominate the social media world. Yes! Social Media is a great way to connect, but when your intention is to make money, you must always look at new and exciting ways to market your concepts.

SendOutCards is a unique way to customize and personalize the marketing experience for the ones who matter the most to the success of your businesss – your customers, clients, vendors and even employees. In relation to marketing, having a greeting card campaign builds solid rapport with your prospects and clients. 

As a busy business owner and decision  maker, you must always be ready to explore new ways to spread the message about the products your company offers, the value they bring to the table, and increasing profit by creating return customers. Using traditional marketing methods of the past can be very expensive. On the same token, thinking about how future advancements are going to affect your company bottom line can be overwhelming. Sending out greeting cards along with your business contact information is a great idea of marketing at the heart level.


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When life and nature transition! The perfect time to reconnect with loved ones.

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As life transitions, reconnect!

It’s nearing the end of July and the beginning of Autumn is just around the bend. The school supplies are on the shelves as little ones prepare to return to the school room soon. In nature, the trees are preparing to rest through the winter months, and the beautiful leaves are transitioning in color, creating a tapestry of amazement for humanity. Often we forget about those in our life who have helped us get to where we are today. Autumn is a transition period that is perfect for reconnecting with people who have made your life a better place to live.

Who made you smile this year? 

A good place to start when deciding to reconnect with important people in your life, is with those who have made you smile. This could be the lady at the nearby grocery store, or your postal carrier. Perhaps someone helped you with a problem you were having and made you laugh. These people are amazing and worthy of your attention. SendOutCards is a perfect way to reach out to people who have made you smile. Write a list of 10 people who have made you smile. Can’t think of any? Start now and each time someone brings a grin to your face, write down their name.

Who have you met on Social Media?

We all use Facebook on a daily basis. It’s on our phones, on our computers and more importantly on our minds each and every day. Facebook is one social media outlet that lets you meet wonderful people every day. Often you will see a Facebook post that simply shows an image that inspired or motivates you. Take this transitional time to learn more about those who inspire you on social media, then send them a personalized greeting card.

How will you reconnect with others this Fall?


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Summer Fun, Splashing and Your Inner Child

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When was the last time you splashed in a puddle?

Fluffy Pup_402

Did you know that your inner child is a part of you? He or she has been with you forever, yet you may not have taken the time to acknowledge your inner child. No matter what your physical age, you can take time today to nurture your inner child and play! Send Out Cards is the perfect opportunity to send your family members memories of your play day with you. Does that sound fun? Here are some ideas for having fun, capturing that fun filled day on camera, then creating a greeting card to send to all of your family and friends.

  • The next time you are at a park, hit the swings and hit them hard. 
  • When it rains, get a colorful umbrella and go outside to play.
  • Go buy some balloons and blow them up and enjoy.
  • Find your puppy love – or a puppy

Send Out Cards is a unique and fun way to share your life with others, make people extremely happy and create a positive light in someone’s life. With the snapshots of your Inner Child Play Date you can create a greeting card that creates millions of smiles. Sending greeting cards for any reason is great for personal and professional development.



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God sent a Rainbow! Now it’s your turn…

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Be a Rainbow

God used a beautiful rainbow to show his love to us. The rainbow signifies love but it also signifies the sharing of beauty in life. When you see in vivid color, life just seems to be more fun and easy. For example the color blue reminds me of the sky and water. The color orange reminds me of fruit, health and vitality. Using colors to create joy and happiness is a good way to “be the Rainbow”.  Each time you see a new color today, thing of a way you can use it to share joy with another.

Greeting cards are an excellent way to share happiness with others. SendOutCards allows you total creative expression when sending cards to someone. Just think of the last time you received a card in the mail and it surprised you!!!


SendOutCards – A Great Way to Be the Rainbow




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