Thanksgiving in Sedona

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The secret to living a healthy happy life is packing up the RV and heading to someplace really special. My husband and I did just that! After 4 hours of loading we finally headed up the freeway to the I40 east. 10 hrs later we arrived at our destination, Dead Horse Ranch in Cottonwood AZ. It was dark when we parked, and finding out we did not have electricity did not help. We went to bed! It was freezing! No heat! Just us in our hats, mittens, socks and long underwear we finally fell asleep. Awoke to my husband tinkering outside, he came in to tell me we were moving to a different site. Thank goodness we did not unpack or unload anything. We headed up to the top of the park where we found the most amazing spot on God’s good earth! Unloading the RV and stabilizing it into place we still had no electric and that means no heat or hot water! Hubby did some tinkering and we finally got DC electric, but no AC…oh well a little was better than none! At least we had heat. Still no hot water! But that didn’t stop us! After an amazing breakfast we headed up to Jerome. Talk about beauty. Spent the day there visiting some friends that have a really great Christmas store called “Mooey, Mooey, Christmas & Udder Things” If you ever get there make sure you visit Fred & Diana Martin’s store!
Thanksgiving day we put the turkey in the infrared cooker! Turned out super delicious as well as the potatoes, yams, green beans, cranberries, and wonderful turkey dressing with gravy! Dessert was, of course, Pumpkin pie and another yummy, Coconut cream pie! My husband’s sister and brother-in-law drove up from Phoenix to be with us this Thanksgiving day! We were so happy that they could join us here at the Ranch!
Friday we packed up some snacks and headed into Sedona. We stopped at Red Rock to hike and enjoy nature a bit.
Arriving in Sedona we toured the historical Church and had lunch in town. Very relaxing!
Back to our campsite for a Friday night bon fire! Saturday we spent the day eating leftovers and hiking around Dead Horse Ranch. The magic of nature is just way too awesome! I would love to insert all the pictures that we took, but I’m afraid it would be too overwhelming.
Saturday evening we went to “Nics” in Cottonwood for dinner with our friends
from Jerome. Their son owns the restaurant as well as the “Haunted Hamburger” in Jerome. An amazing night with good wine, food, and sweet friends!
Sunday morning, up early, packed up the RV. Our week at the Ranch had come to an end. But not the journey…
Now we’re heading down the hill to Prescott Valley to see my daughter and my 3 grandchildren. We arrive and they are there waiting for us with open arms and smiles way too big for their faces! Of course, as you can see the little one wasn’t quite sure if he wanted his picture taken.
We spent a few hours with the kids, eating, laughing, playing and just enjoying our special time together. It’s time to take our RV home and put it to rest until next month. Our trials with no electricity, & no hot water were never really noticed. Our special time we shared together strengthened our relationship with each other as well as with all the other people we connected with. 7 more hours on the road and we arrive home safe & sound. Looking forward to our next adventure. Oh and yes, we did get our electrical problem solved as I’m writing this! The journey continues…


  1. Loved reading this Jodi, sounds like you had quite an adventure. At least you had each other for warmth 😉

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Jerome is a wonderful town.

  2. Jody, I really enjoyed reading about your Thanksgiving trip to Arizona.

    As a fellow SOC distributor, I, too, share your passion for staying in touch with people and helping others to do the same.

    Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  3. Thank you Patsy! I appreciate that! Have a great day!

  4. Thanks Kelli! Yes, we really did have each other for warmth, and it was sooooo needed! xo

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