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If you have ever lost a customer, it may have left you wondering why. After it happened, you probably started to think about what you can do differently to prevent this from happening again.

Customers want to know that you care and they want you to keep in touch with them. This is where Appreciation Marketing comes in. Taking a little time every now and then to connect with your customers can be the difference between your success and failure.

When your customers know that you care about them, or appreciate them, then they will be more comfortable and will most likely want to continue being your customer. Even a little email, phone call, Skype message, Facebook comment or greeting card can make a world of difference to them.

Put yourself in the shoes of your customer and ask yourself how you would feel if:

  • You received a birthday card from the business that you chose?
  • A business sent you an email message when they have not heard from you in a while?
  • You see that your contact at the business you chose took the time to regularly comment or reply to you on Facebook?

Chances are… If any of those above things happened, you would feel appreciated. Once you receive these types of contacts from people, you can feel happy about it, which may cause you to want to keep working with that person or that business.

Just taking a few minutes here or there to help people feel wanted and appreciated can mean a lot – to them and to you as well.

PS: This can work with your family and friends as well, especially those that live far away.

Keep connecting and contacting others, with your appreciation, and wonderful things will happen!


  1. Thank you for sharing a Basic fundamental of Solid Business. Saying Please and Thanks has earned Millions for those practicing simple Courtesy. Especially in tough economic times.
    Love the new Blog format!

  2. Jodi,
    You are Simply, an Awesome Lady! I thank God every day for bringing you back into my life after 37 years.

    You rock GIRL!


  3. Great post Jodi. This is what I need right now to refresh my memory for my upcoming presentation. This is so true…we lost a lot of patients by not following up and since I put the follow-up system in place, we are getting “Wow’s”, “Thank you’s” and a higher client retention.

    Way to go Jodi, you Rock!


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