Who do you have to be thankful for today?

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With the busy-ness that life often brings, many of us find little time to pause and reflect upon what we have to be thankful for. If you are having a rough day with many things not going as you hoped, you may feel that it would be difficult to find even one thing to be thankful for.

Some of us may be thankful for the things we have, which is a good place to start,  but for this post, I am focusing on WHO you have to be thankful for.

Who, in your day today, did or said something that made a difference?

Some days I need to think hard about that! But when I have some quiet moments, I can name a list of family and friends that I am glad are in my life. Maybe a spouse, or a sister, or a friend, or maybe it is a stranger – someone who ended up standing near you by chance – can end up changing the direction of your day.

A friend of mine had a rough day yesterday. Kids acting wild, dogs would not stop barking, the doorbell kept on ringing during homework hour, she had a hard time with the sassy receptionist at the orthodontist’s office, only to find out that her dental insurance does not cover braces and that her husband had to work late again!

What could she possibly have to be thankful for?

Then it happened – and it was not the thing that broke the camel’s back – and it was not something big. Her friend on the opposite side of the country texted her and said, “I am thinking of you today. How are you doing?” That one, tiny, short, little text message made the difference in the direction that this day was going in – a small breath that gave her a chance to stop and remember that not all things are against her! It was the first step that changed the entire dynamic of her day.

When these minute occurrences happen, take the time to be thankful for them – and thank the person that made the difference. With thankfulness in your mind, negativity has no place to reside. Without negativity, joyfulness can take root in your life.

So, be thankful today – so that your tomorrows can be full of joy!

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