Thoughtful Thank You’s

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The word ‘thoughtful’ is defined as “showing consideration for others; considerate.” More so, thoughtfulness is taking the time to “look out for the comfort and welfare of others” by doing little things or by providing a little attention (

Have you ever done something thoughtful for another person? For many of us, the answer is yes.

Everybody likes a little special attention from time to time. It gives us a chance to slow down and feel cared for. When you are treated in this way, you cannot help but pass the kindness on. Some call it “paying it forward” and others call it compassion. No matter what you call it, thoughtfulness is definitely contagious.

You do something thoughtful for a co-worker; they, in turn, do something thoughtful for a neighbor, who in turns passes on the kindness to someone else in some way. Once the chain of thoughtfulness begins, it rapidly spreads outward affecting many people, just as the rays of sun touch everything they shine upon. Your one original act of kindness can be the contributing factor to many other kind things that others try to do for others.

There is another aspect of thoughtfulness that occurs. Think back to the time when you performed an act of thoughtfulness… You probably did not expect anything in return. However, if the person you helped remembered to send you a little note, card, or gift thanking you for what you did, wouldn’t it encourage you to do more thoughtful things? Most likely, Yes!

The spirit of thankfulness goes hand-in-hand with the mindset of thoughtfulness. So, the next time someone does something special for you, remember to take the time to thank them in some way, no matter how little. It will impact that person, as well as many of the people around them, as they are encouraged to do more thoughtful things for others.


  1. You are such a special person!!! I guess that is why I love you so much.You are one of God’s Earth Angels!!!Your video is so beautiful! Love it!

  2. thank you!
    Love you too Dear MaryLou! xo

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