Well Done is Better than Well Said

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Our days tend to be so busy. Days, weeks, even months seem to fly by and we are left wondering where the time has gone. During the last several months, have you made a promise that you could not keep because the time just escaped you? Even if this has not happened to you, some words of wisdom can make a difference to you today.

Benjamin Franklin is known for a number of achievements. One such accomplishment is a set of phrases, or quotes, that have served as words of wisdom for many over the years. In today’s hectic times, remember the words of Benjamin Franklin:

“Well done, is better than well said.”

The meaning of these words is fairly easy to understand, but they serve as an excellent reminder to us.  The things that we DO for others are so much more important than the things we SAY to others. In other words: “Actions Speak Louder Than Words.” So simple… but so very important to the relationships we are trying to build every day.

Take a few moments today and think back to the things you have said to others lately, including your family members. Is there something that you could have done for that person that would relay the same message?

Take for example a husband and wife. They love each other and make sure to tell each other that often. The words are appreciated, but if the wife ironed her husband’s slacks (even though she detests ironing more than any other household chore)? What if he did the dishes for her on the weekend so she didn’t have to? Wouldn’t those acts show their love on a different level?

So this week, think about what you can do for your family, friends, acquaintances, fellow church members, business contacts, and the many others you come into contact with each week. Is there something that you could do for them, even something little, to let them know they are appreciated? The impact of your actions can be much longer-lasting that the impact of your words alone.

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