Got up on the wrong side of the bed? You can still shine!

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Have you ever gotten up in a bad mood? Some call it “getting up on the wrong side of bed” and that is exactly what it feels like. You are just not yourself that day.

Now, what would happen during your rough morning if someone else you had to interact with also got up on the wrong side of bed? The bad mood would multiply!

But, what if someone did something nice for you that day instead? Letting you out in traffic, thanking you for being you, or even a simple smile can go a very long way. You might even find you feel a little better and your mood begins to brighten.

Kindness is contagious! It just takes one small act to make someone’s day. Then, if they pass it on to another, well, you can see the brightness spread.

Next time you get up on the wrong side of bed, instead of trying to deal with the bad mood, do this instead: Think about one thing you are thankful for.

On those days it is hard to think of one, but they are there. Maybe it is your dog wagging his tail because he is excited to see that you are awake. Maybe you are thankful that your shower had plenty of warm water or you did not have to hunt all over the place for your other shoe. Start with one and you will see that you will find many other things in which to be thankful.

Thankful thinking can change your “wrong side of the bed” moment into a “what a wonderful day” moment. Plus, the best part of it is that your newly-created good mood will also be contagious to those around you. Give it a try and see what happens!

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