How Sending Cards Can Help Your Business Grow

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There are an assortment of really great reasons to send greeting cards to people. Friends and family receive them on many occasions, as well as those “just because” cards (Aren’t those the best?). You touch people’s hearts by sending a card, which encourages and inspires them.

The same is true with those new acquaintances and your customers. They like to get cards too!

Here are three great BUSINESS reasons to send cards to your new acquaintances, customers, and potential clients:

1. Customer service  – Lack of custom service, friendly and considerate custom service, is a major complaint today. It is so difficult to even get someone on the telephone with the automated answering systems that many companies use now. This is where small businesses and network marketers have the upper hand! Give that special touch and show people that you think of them and that you care with a card, and chances are they will stay in contact with you. People love having someone remember that they are a real, live person.

2. Advertising – Sending a card is a type of advertising. You are “advertising” your appreciation of someone, expressing your caring attitude towards them. Sending cards lets people know a little more about you. By connecting with people on this level, they become more:

  • interested in learning about you;
  • conscious of telling their friends about the thoughtful card they just got; and
  • liable to desire to work with you in the future.(Plus, if you use your picture, business logo, name, or tagline in your signature, you are helping to brand your business. This leads to further growth.)

3. Referrals – When one of your customers refers another potential client to you, sending a card is an excellent opportunity to reach out to that customer. Sending a thank you card encourages them to refer even more people. Even if your customers are not expecting anything special for their referral, this is a good time to mention to them something special you can do for them because they thought of you. It could be something as simple as a little P.S. after you sign your name, like this: “Mention this card and you will receive 20% off of your next purchase.”

Three keystones to helping your business grow include customer service, advertising, and referrals. You can grow all of these areas and expand your client base all by sending out some cards. E-cards are nice, but the printed and enveloped kind are even better. People see that you are willing to take the time to send a card, consider them as a person, and help brighten their day – all at the same time.

So, build your business (and your relationships) and send a card TODAY!



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  1. You’re on a roll – keep roll’n!

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