A Mini-Vacation in an Envelope: Experience what Greeting Cards Can Do For You!

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A Mini-Vacation in an Envelope: Experience what Greeting Cards Can Do For You!

Every day new ways to communicate are arriving on the web for us to use. In addition to all the new social media sites, we have email and blogs to read and text messages to scroll through. With all that media to sort through, who needs a greeting card? Right? Well…. not exactly!

Here are my top THREE reasons why you should still send Greeting Cards:

1. Getting a Card is Like Taking a Mini Vacation.

When I am in front of the computer or reading messages on my phone, it can easily feel like I am working, even when I am reading a message from a friend. And there are always emails, RSS feeds, social media alerts, texts… constantly rolling in. But, when I stop with all the techno-clatter and open an envelope with a card, it seems that I have a moment to set the “work” and information overload aside and escape for a little while. It is sort of like a mini-vacation… in an envelope! Technology is great for communication and building networks and relationships, but there is no electronic duplicate for the emotional vacation you experience when you receive a card.

2. Cards Refresh Your Mind and Help You Remember.

When you get a card, have you ever hung it up where you can see it? On your fridge, or your cork-board or whiteboard? Then, each time you lay yours eyes upon that card, you remember the person and the sentiment that you shared. It takes you back to that mini-vacation you experienced when you first received the card – just with a small glance of your eye. Sure, you could print out an email message and hang it up too, but I just don’t think it has the same impact as the card hanging over your desk.

3. Giving (a mini vacation) is as Much Fun as Getting One!

When you send a card, the receiver has a moment to step away from the noise and busy-ness of their day. They get to take a few moments to enjoy their own little vacation from everything. The fun part is… that by sending a card, you know you are the one that brightened somebody’s day, even if it was just a little!

So, send a little brightness today by sending a card. They will appreciate receiving one and you will enjoy sending it their way! There just is no other form of communication that can replicate a greeting card.

If you are short on time and are looking for a great way to send cards with your busy schedule, click here  to contact me leave a message for me on Facebook and I will share that with you!


  1. You are absolutely right!

  2. For so many reasons, cards are still a great thing to send and receive! From a business standpoint, they make you stand out from the crowd. It’s easy to delete an email, more difficult to resist opening up a card!

  3. Great post! I love everything here! Thank you for sharing!

  4. You are on a roll Jodi!
    Looking forward to what’s next:-)

  5. There is something so exciting about sending and receiving a card…it is connecting with someone and sharing a special time that says “you matter in my life!”

  6. Such a nice way to think about a card. I always enjoy receiving them, but I am so bad about actually sending them out.

  7. Excellent Jodi…thank you cards are especially appropriate to clients! Great article…Hughie

  8. I love receiving greeting cards! It gives such a personal touch…My daughter just turned 10 and watching her run to the mailbox everyday to see where the next card was coming from reminded me of when I was a kid, we definitely sent & received many more cards back then…Greeting cards adds happy to the mailbox!

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