Sending Unexpected Greetings – Top Ten Reasons to Send Cards to Your Business Contacts

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The best greeting cards are the ones you receive unexpectedly. A small thing like receiving a card can lift someone’s spirit, brighten their day, and even help to turn a stressful day into a more relaxed one.

There are lots of special occasions in which you can send cards, but ask yourself: “Do you ONLY want to make someone’s day on those special occasions?”

There are so many other reasons to send cards. If you have clients or customers, are a network marketer, or even if you are in a corporate setting, there are some excellent reasons to send greeting cards!

Here are my Top Ten reasons to send a greeting card to your business contacts:
1. Thank them for their business/support
2. See if they are happy with a purchase/order (or if you are sorry there was a problem)
3. Thank them for their thoughtful or innovative ideas
4. Reach out to a contact you have not heard from lately
5. Invite someone to lunch
6. Thank them for a referral or testimonial they sent you
7. Personally invite them to an upcoming conference or event
8. Congratulate them on their new promotion
9. Let someone who has had an illness, surgery, or difficult time know that you care
10. Just wish them a happy day – These kinds of cards always seem to arrive at just the right time!

These are just a few of the reasons to send greeting cards to your contacts, but there are many, many more. No matter what your reason is for sending, it will let the person know that you genuinely care for them, value their business, and convey to them just how important they are to you.

Sometimes those same feelings just cannot be expressed in the same way from an email or social media message. People really like to open an envelope, hold a card, and know that you took the extra time to help make their day!


  1. Jodi, You are such a bright light of inspiration to the world! I am much richer having you in my life!

    See you in Vegas!

    Power Gal 🙂

  2. Awwww Tracy! Thank you so much! I cannot wait to see you in August! You will be the first Diva I look for! xoxo

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