If you want to BE happy, THINK happy!

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If you want to BE happy, THINK happy!

You can talk to two different people on the same given day and get two completely different responses. If you are being cheerful and smiling, you can get these responses from others:

“What do you have to be so happy about?
I have nothing that can make me want to smile today. I have had a hard life and a horrible day.”


You may come across someone that smiles back at you. In addition to that, they may even have something nice to say such as: “Have a great day!” or “Are you enjoying the weather today?”

What can possibly account for such a drastic difference in responses?

It comes down to how you think about the set of circumstances you are dealing with.

I know a woman who struggles with rheumatoid arthritis. Some days are much better than others and the bad days are really bad. Pain, swelling, exhaustion… all day long. Now, you could reasonably expect this person to complain about her situation. It would not be unjustified. However, that is not what she has chosen to do.

Granted, there are times she will complain about it, but for the most part she handles it differently. She decided several years ago (she was diagnosed at age 30) that the moping about and feeling sorry for herself did not serve any purpose and sometimes, it even made her feel worse. So instead, she has set out to see what she can do to help and encourage others. She has found that by learning to think differently about her situation, and focus on others instead of herself, that she can distract herself from the pain (a little at least). The best part is that by doing this, she is also helping others.

She has a great strategy that she implements when she feels a “woe-is-me” moment coming on. Instead of allowing the negative thoughts to take over, she instead thinks of three things that she is thankful for at that moment and one thing that she can do for someone else to brighten their day.

This is not a bad idea to do once a day – maybe even Facebook, tweet, journal or blog about it! It would be therapeutic and encouraging to those around you. Plus, it would help you to be able to THINK happier, so you can BE happier!

Once you develop that mindset of positivity, you will soon see that it is contagious! You can actually pass it on to others! So, be happy today… and pass it on!

To help get my mind thinking happy, here is what I am thankful for today:

1. The warm sunshine.
2. Encouraging people in my life.
3. The successes I have experienced in my business.

To help someone else to be happier today, I will:

Send a card to someone I have not talked to in a while to thank them for being who they are and a part of my life.

To get you started on the next step of your happiness journey, feel free to post the THREE things you are thankful for and ONE thing you can do for someone else today.

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  1. Fabulous article Jodi! Realizing the power of our thoughts opens the door to whatever we desire in life…AND as more and more parents share this with their children we are sure to see tremendous changes in our world! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  2. Jodi, I love it and totally agree. We are the extent of our thoughts which create feelings and vibrations. Think type of information needs to be taught in schools. Well done for making a positive difference. 🙂

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