Beyond Gratitude

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Beyond Gratitude

Gifts. We have all given then and chances are we have all received them. New “toys,” clothing, gift cards, checks, whatever they may be; they make us happy. After receiving your gift, did you remember to show your gratitude to the gift-giver?

You probably said, “Thank you,” if the present was given in-person. You may have thanked the giver with a phone call or an email. Those are excellent ways to begin to express your gratitude. However, to really give a special thank-you, you have to go a little “old school” in your response.

By “old school” I am referring to ways that gratitude was expressed long ago. Before social media, before computers and email, before phones. The way people thanked others in ages past, when communication involved in-person interactions or writing.

You may have guessed where I am going with this. 🙂 defines gratitude as “the quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful.” One synonym of this word is gratefulness, which means “warmly or deeply appreciative of kindness or benefits received.” I really think we need Go Beyond Gratitude to Gratefulness when others take their time and their money to give you a gift, not matter how small or how large.

The next time someone does something kind for you or gets you a gift, here are some “old school” things you can do to show your deep appreciation of their kindness (or benefits) received:

  • Send a hand-written note. This could be a note-card, a letter on special stationary, or a sticky note stuck to a front door. Writing in your own handwriting adds a personal touch. (Even if the gift-giver lives with you, don’t forget to take the time to write a little thank-you to remind him or her that you are appreciative and thankful of them and their gift.
  • Send a card with a special little something inside. Sometimes little trinkets or bookmarks can bring a smile to someone’s day. Enclose a small little something in your next card and show a little extra gratefulness.
  • Don’t delay with your thank-you action. Have you ever gotten a thank-you for a birthday gift you gave more than two months after a party? Compare it to a time that you got one within days after. Did the time frame of their response make a difference? All thank-yous are appreciated, but those that are done in a timely manner help a person to feel really important to you. Those sent months after an event (or never) can leave a person feeling forgotten and unappreciated.

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