Reasons to Send Greeting Cards this October

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Reasons to Send Greeting Cards this October

October is almost here and it is a great month of the year! Cooler weather begins to roll in, while the leaves begin to change colors. We may even start to spend some more time outdoors, since the sweltering summer heat is fading. While you are enjoying the changes that October brings, take a few moments to connect with those you know with greeting cards.

This October, think about sending a card to someone for one our more of the less traditional “holidays.” My friend has a calendar that lists a bunch of fun, non-traditional holidays. They provide great opportunities to connect or re-connect with others. Here are my five favorites for October:

October 5thWorld Teacher Day: A great occasion to recognize those teachers around you… or even a teacher from long ago that you would like to thank in a spacial way.

October 7thWorld Smile Day: Help others smile on this day with a greeting card surprise.

October 14thNational Dessert Day: Yummmm! Everyone likes dessert. Share something scrumptious on the 14th with a greeting card (and a special gift). Comment here or contact me on Facebook to find out how Mrs. Field’s can help make this one possible.

October 21stBabbling Day: Okay… maybe this one is way too silly, but think of how much fun it would be to send a card and have a bunch of babble-talk on the inside. The recipient would HAVE to call you to find out what that is all about. What a great way to re-connect!

October 30thNational Candy Corn Day: Another fun occasion to mail a little sweetness and give a smile through the mail. Definitely festive for the month of October.

Oh, and don’t forget that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Remember to send a card to the ladies in your life to remind them that you care… and that they schedule and go to their mammograms!

There are so many fun “holidays” each month that you can celebrate with greeting cards. To browse more of the fun days for this October, click here. No matter what the occasion, always remember to let those around you know they are important and special to you. Sending a card is an awesome way to do it. If you are interesting in learning more about how I send cards, Contact Me by clicking here.


  1. Hi Jodi…great calendar of events to send cards…Thank you for sharing! …Hughie

  2. I love getting cards! Thanks for the list of occasions!

  3. I like babble day maybe you could just send dodles on babble day.

  4. What a great idea. I love it.

  5. These are creative ideas I wouldn’t have thought of myself! Thanks, Jodi!

  6. Great job Jodi… your site has taken on a life of it’s own:-)

  7. Thank you Donald! That means so much to me to have you say that! We need to connect soon~

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