Stressful start to your day? STOP! Take a breath and see how to turn it around.

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Stressful start to your day? STOP! Take a breath and see how to turn it around.

We all experience times in our lives when it is difficult to see the blessings and gifts we have been given. When we have those bad times, things start to “snowball” out of control.

It may start with your bathroom light bulb blowing just as you try to fix your hair, then traffic is bad, making you late for work. Next, your child’s school calls to tell you your child is sick and you have to go get her but have a huge project to complete. Later that day, your project is no where close to being done, it is almost dinner, so you throw something in the oven but then get distracted. It gets burned and you are ready to run off to your room for a Time Out!

On those days, it is toughest to see the good things and enjoy your life. It is these days that cause us to be pessimistic. However, it is on these days that we need to stop and take a breath. When we are able to do that, we can often find some ways to enjoy our lives.

So, take the example above – from the “Snowball” Day. Let’s just see if we can pick that bad day apart to find some good in it. Rather than letting it snowball out of control, see if maybe it could be handled differently…

1. Blown light bulb in the bathroom – Ok, that is just downright annoying. However, it doesn’t have to be the start of a bad day. Instead of getting exasperated by this, see if you can turn it into something to laugh about. Maybe take a picture of it and post it on Facebook with the comment: “Look, the light bulb wants to sleep in late too!”

2. Traffic/Late for Work – Instead of letting this stress you out, take this opportunity to put on your favorite music in the car and sing it! Yes, you might look silly to those around you, but so what? Make the best of it. Who knows??? Maybe they will see you having a great time singing and try it themselves.

3. Sick Child/Leave Work Early – Hopefully you have an understanding boss. Take this opportunity to pick up a Thank You card on your way home. Give it to your boss tomorrow to thank her for her understanding and to let her know how much she is appreciated!

4. Huge Project – Before starting to stress out over this huge project, see if you can take some time with your child, to help her feel better and get settled in for her sick day. You may find that this special time with her actually helped you to de-stress a little, allowing you to focus better on your project.

5. Burned Dinner – Chances are, since your attitude was different, this last part of your “Snowball” Day might not occur. But, if it does, this might be a great chance to use those pizza coupons that have been on your refrigerator for a while. 😉

So, if you look at your day with a different mind-set, the final result could be different. Instead of feeling like you need to run to your room and hide under the covers, with the day feeling like it was wasted and a burned dinner, it could be different. It all depends on how you look at things. If each little “bad thing” is allowed to add onto your stress and build your snowball, then your day will venture down that path of negativity. However, if you take the time to enjoy each “bad moment” and find a way to either appreciate it or laugh your way through it, your day can end with relaxation, happiness, and satisfaction.

Give it a try today… and see the difference a positive mind can have on your day and your life! Enjoy your day!

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