Old, New, Borrowed & Blue

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Old, New, Borrowed & Blue

There are always holidays, birthdays, and other occassions in which it is appropriate to send greeting cards. Those times are easy to find, as many are located on any calendar you have. But, there are so many other reasons to connect with someone using a greeting card.

This November, as we approach Thanksgiving, think about those who are important to you. Most likely, there are some you are in constant contact with already, some whom you’d like to contact more, and some whom you’d like to reconnect with. As this special time of year nears, take this opportunity to share a special moment, hug, smile, or laugh. The “good luck” tradition for weddings states that you need to have “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” What if you applied these “rules” to your card-sending as well? Maybe your life could receive the blessings that so many brides have hoped for when following the tradition.

Something old?
Celebrating something old, but precious – An anniversary, birthday, re-union – Remembering and delegating the “oldie but goodie” things in life can be done with a special surprise greeting in the mail.

Something new?
Commemorate something new – a birth, a new job, a new pet, a new home, a new look on life. Think about those around you who have something “new” happening and reach out to them with a card.

Something borrowed?
The times we share with others are precious. People share (or lend) their time with us for many reasons. When you borrow an item from someone, there is an expectation that it will be returned. It is also expected that you will thank the person in some way. When people “lend” us a portion of their lives, in the form of time, imagine the positivity that could exude if you made sure to return this by spending your time returning the favor, as well as remembering to thank the person in some way. The results of these actions could make a drastic impact on the lives of those around you!

Sharing excitement – An upcoming trip, a long-awaited time, a major life-changing event – Share it with those you appreciate with a little sunshine in the mail!

Reminders of you – You are flipping through a magazine and you see something that reminds you of a loved one. It might be a picture our even a coupon. Put it in a card and send a “I saw this and thought of you” greeting.

Something blue?
If you know someone who is having a difficult time, causing them to feel “blue” our down, then you have a perfect opportunity to make a difference.

Thinking of you during a difficult time – get well, etc ; cheer you up – motivation, encouragement during a stressful time

Remember when… Remembering a good time can help someone find a reason to smile, even in the midst of sadness or grief.

There are so many reasons to reach out and connect with someone. Think of something old, new, borrowed, and blue… and connect with a person in a unique way today.

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