I love how fast and easy sending cards can be…

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I love how fast and easy sending cards can be…

A friend was recently straightening up her desk in preparation of a new week of work. She glanced at her calendar (which had become buried under papers and things the kids set down on her desk) and noticed that both her mom’s and sister’s birthdays were coming up soon. She had about a week before her sister’s and two weeks until her mother’s birthday.

So, rather than write herself a note to remember to buy a card, write a note inside, sign the card, seal it in an envelope, address the card, place a stamp on the card, and mail the card, she thought of an easier solution. She checked out Totally Awesome Cards. Within ten minutes, the birthday cards task was done and she could go back to cleaning her desk. While un-burying her desktop, she found something a client had sent her and she really wanted to send a special thank you. In less than five minutes, that was done, too! If she had used the traditional route, she might still be at the store selecting cards!

My friend was so excited! She explained that she saved not only time, but money as well. The time that it would have taken her to drive to the store, choose cards, write in them, stamp and address them, then remember to mail them certainly would have taken significantly more time. Each card she sent that day cost less than $2.50, with personal notes in each, envelopes, and stamps. To send cards the traditional way, it could have cost her around $5.00 per card, plus the stamps, plus the gasoline used to go to the store.

I just really wanted to share this story with you because she was so excited! If you are interested in finding an easier way to send cards, check out Totally Awesome Cards, contact me here via the contact form, email me, leave a Wall Post or send me a private message in Facebook, or comment on this post.

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