A Legacy of Appreciation

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A Legacy of Appreciation

Earlier this month, I posted this quote on Facebook:

~ Surround yourself with people who know your worth.
You don’t need too many people to be happy,
just a few real ones who appreciate you for exactly who you are.

This mindset is part of why I choose to SHOW those I appreciate that they are important to me. I feel that I need to express to them, in some way, that I am glad to have them in my life and that the person they are and things they do are cherished.

When you know that you are appreciated just for being you and just for doing things the way you do them, you can’t help but feel good. When you feel like that, it is difficult NOT to pass on those good feelings to others. When one person takes the time to show appreciation, the circle of positivity keeps growing and spreading outward.

My legacy to others is showing appreciation to those around me and helping others to enjoy life and appreciate those around them. My goal is to keep appreciation spreading, which leads to contentment and happiness in life. I couldn’t keep this all to myself!

For the next 10 weeks, I am encouraging you to join me on an Acts of Appreciation Adventure.

All you need to do is send ONE greeting card or post card ONCE a week, for the next 10 weeks. Just make sure your message tells someone that they are appreciated and explains why you appreciate them so much.

Its really easy… Just focus on One Appreciation Person per week and send a card or postcard to that person. I have included a chart below listing who to send your card to each week of the Adventure. That way, its not overwhelming or burdensome, but it might be a whole lot of fun! (If you want to make it even easier, check out Totally Awesome Cards to use for sending your cards.)

I really hope you will join in on the Adventure!

Here are the topics to use each week for the Acts of Appreciation Adventure:

Week of:

Appreciation Person of the Week

April 23 – This Week!

Administrative Professional/Virtual Assistant – Your own, or one that you deal with at a doctor’s office or other place that you visit often.

April 30

Co-worker or Colleague – Labor Day is coming soon… let someone you work with know he or she is appreciated.

May 7

Mother – Your’s or someone else’s that has been important to you.

May 14

TeacherLast week was Teacher Appreciation Week. Surprise a teacher you appreciate by sending him or her a card THIS week.

May 21

Soldier or Veteran – Send a card to anyone you know that was or is in the Armed Forces

May 28

Your Spouse, Significant Other, or Someone Special That you are Close to – Those that are closest to us are sometimes shown our appreciation the least. Remember that person this week and send a card.

June 4

Best Friend – Best Friend’s Day is June 8th. Your best friend knows you better than anyone… Show your appreciation to that person this week.

June 11

Father – Your’s or someone else’s that is important to you.

June 18

Errand Person – When you are out running errands at the grocery store, the dry cleaners, getting a haircut, getting a manicure, sending a package – think of one person you see while on your errands that could benefit from knowing he or she is appreciated and send that person a card.

June 25

Health Care Person – Doctor, chiropractor, massage therapist, nutritionist, nurse – whoever you see for advice to stay healthy and to get healthy. Show your appreciation for that person this week.


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