Totally Awesome Reasons to Send Postcards & Cards

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Totally Awesome Reasons to Send Postcards & Cards

The best gifts are the ones that are truly unexpected.

This is true of postcards and cards, as well. When people receive them and it’s not even their birthday, they get the feeling that someone appreciates and cares for them. That warm fuzzy feeling is difficult to duplicate with an email, voicemail, or a social media message.

Totally Awesome Cards allows you to give people this “appreciated-and-loved” feeling, without the chore of driving to the store, buying one, writing on it, addressing it, stamping it, and finally mailing it. What’s even better is that you don’t have to have a special occasion to send a card or postcard.

The next time you find yourself putting a reminder on your calendar, jotting down a note, or sending an e-mail to thank someone, try visiting Totally Awesome Cards instead… and see how fast and easy it is to show others that you care. Although you won’t be there to see the look on their face when they get the card or postcard, you can rest assured that it will definitely brighten their day!

Here are some awesome reasons you could send a card or post card with Totally Awesome Cards, for no special occasion, but just because you care:

  • Thank you – Any thank you that you have to say is better said with a postcard or card, rather than an email.
  • Miss you – Thinking of a friend or family member who lives far away? Send a postcard. J
  • Thinking of you during a difficult time – Everyone has hard times now and then. It helps to know that someone is thinking of you during a hardship.
  • Invitation – Send a card to invite a customer to lunch… just try it and see what kind of response you get. J
  • New service available – This one applies to business, but sending a postcard to announce a new service or product you offer can elicit some extraordinary results. Just try it and see what happens. J
  • Get well – This is often a traditional reason to send a card or postcard, but it is a reason that hasn’t faded over the years, even with the technology we have today. Recovering from illnesses, injuries, and surgeries can be exhausting – A special card can give a person the little boost they need to make it through recovery.
  • Loss of a pet – A friend of mine recently lost her dog to cancer after having him for over thirteen years. She received a sympathy card from someone she knows and it made her day significantly brighter. Sometimes it is important to let others know they you can sympathize or empathize what they are dealing with. A card is an excellent way to convey this message.
  • Just cause – Sometimes you want to let a person know that you like them because of who they are. I bet smiles will result from a card with that message.
  • Doing more than is expected – Have someone at your work, in your neighborhood, in your team that always seems to do more than is required? I know they would love to be recognized for their acts.
  • Inspire others – Everyone can use a little inspiration. At Totally Awesome Cards, you can design a card or postcard with your own special message or inspirational quote. Send it out to those who need it and bring some light to their day.


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