Use it or lose it

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Use it or lose it

So much about our lives depends on our ability to not just learn new things, but to apply them to our lives.

I recently returned from a Send Out Cards conference. I love how I feel when I return from an event like this one. I listened to others share how they do things, I heard some great ideas, and learned some strategies I want to apply to my life and my business – and I shared some of my own with others as well. πŸ™‚ Looking forward to applying what I learned is always exciting… plus trying some new things has led to positive results in my business and my life.

As children, many of us learned that the stove is hot – some of us learned by listening to our parents, while others had to learn by being burned by the hot stove. Although the method of learning was different for each child, what was learned remains the same: The stove is hot and can burn you if you’re not careful. The next time these children get near the stove, their minds will remind them that it’s hot and they shouldn’t touch it. If they listen to that reminder and behave carefully around the stove and don’t get burned, then they have successfully applied what they learned. However, if the children learned that the stove is hot, but proceed to get burned the next time they near it, then they did not properly apply their learning to their lives

In adulthood, there are so many lessons to be learned just from living your life. When we learn the lessons and apply the information we gained, we can make a positive difference in our lives. When we neglect to apply what is learned, then our lives will not be enriched by this knowledge. Learning and application of what is learned is a life-long task. Never do we become too old to learn nor too old to apply it.

So, I encourage you to think about some things that you have learned recently – from a blog, or an article, or a phone conference, or even from someone you follow on Facebook – and see if those things can be applied to your business (or even your personal life) in some way. Some of the new things will work right away, some might not work for a while, and some might not work at all – but even if you make a mistake, you are still learning what NOT to do in the future. Be brave today and try something new. Who knows – maybe you will be surprised at the outcome!

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