Why Totally Awesome Cards is Totally Awesome

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Why Totally Awesome Cards is Totally Awesome

Totally Awesome Cards is… well…


If you have never visited Totally Awesome Cards and haven’t discovered how awesome sending cards can be, then this article is for you.

Imagine receiving an email from a person and this thought runs through your head: “Ah. His birthday is coming up soon. I should send a card.” It is at that moment that your brain starts running through all the steps you need to take – drive to the store, choose the perfect card, sign the card (if you remember to bring your pen), address the card, mail the card, hmmm…. Should I send a gift? Then, you decide to do all that later on in the day, but things get busy, you get distracted, and the card never gets sent. Then, your loved one’s birthday comes and goes and you feel bad because you never got a chance to send a card.

That whole scenario can be different. Here is how it may play out if you use Totally Awesome Cards instead:

Imagine receiving an email from a person and this thought runs through your head: “Ah. His birthday is coming up soon. I should send a card.” It is at that moment that your brain reminds you that you use Totally Awesome Cards. You go to the website and login, choose a great card (or even create your own), sign it virtually (no pen required), enter your loved one’s name and address, and add a small gift – all online. Then Totally Awesome Cards addresses everything, stamps everything, and sends everything for you. No errands to run. No getting busy and distracted. No forgetting to send the card. No feeling bad because you missed his birthday.

What a difference!!!

Totally Awesome Cards can make a huge difference when it comes to situations like the one described above. When you feel the urge to send a card, that is your mind’s way of telling you to let others know they are important to you. It is not always easy to do that when card-sending becomes a series of errands and tasks added to your to-do list. With this online card-sending service, you can act on this urge – right away – in less time than it takes to just drive to the store and pick out a card.

In addition to the ease that Totally Awesome Cards provides, there are other features that can help keep you organized. For example, they have a Contact Manager built in, where you can save all of your contacts with their addresses (and even their birth dates and anniversaries if you know them). Also, there is a reminder system so, once the dates are entered, you can receive reminders – and never miss another birthday again!

When you are ready to send cards, there are a couple additional features that make your card sending even easier. The scheduling system, for example, is a great tool. You can plan your card-sending out in advance and choose to have the card mailed at a later date, instead of mailing it right away. This is great because it allows you to choose or design cards when you have time, rather than trying to squeeze it in your busy schedule. Another great feature is the campaign tool. You can choose to send the same card – like an invitation or holiday greeting card – to as many people as you wish, with just a few extra clicks (Imagine how this could be used to promote your business, too!). Then, there is the gift system which includes a large variety of gift items and gift cards – priced to fit any budget you have. Just select the item you want to add and a couple clicks later, it is set to be sent out when your card is.

Totally Awesome Cards is an AWESOME set of tools that can be used for your personal life or your business. No matter the occasion, these tools make it easier to keep in touch with people and bring a little smile to their day – all while making your day less hectic – which can bring a smile to your day as well!

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