“Snail Mail” Greetings are More Important Than Ever

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“Snail Mail” Greetings are More Important Than Ever

In today’s age of instant communications, sometimes our sentiments become lost on the digital screen. There was a time, not that long ago, that opening the mailbox and seeing a greeting card envelope was enough to make us smile. It seems so simple, so easy, to make someone’s day, but somehow greeting card sending is seen as old, out-of-date, and unwanted today. But, is it really???

Social media, email, Skype, and text messages are awesome technologies. We can communicate with each other almost instantly. There are many times and places where these communications are excellent ways to get our messages across. However, BECAUSE of the way online communications work, sometimes your personal touch is not transmitted electronically and is therefore not received by your recipient. So, what can you do?

Two Words:


Think for just a moment about the last time you got a card in the mail. Think about how it made you feel to see it… hold it… open it… read it. Did it make you smile? Chances are it may have – even if there wasn’t any money or a gift card in it! 🙂

You can give those same feelings to others. It is really easy, especially if you do it using Totally Awesome Cards. Send a card to someone, even if just to say, “I saw this card and it made me think of you. I hope you are having a great day!”

Yes, mailing cards can be slow, as slow as a snail at times, but “snail mail” is an awesome way to connect with those in your life. Send one today and see what happens. Send a bunch and see how people react. In our rushed lives today, receiving a greeting card (or post card) gives us a chance to take a mini-vacation, and remember and appreciate the people in our lives.

Sharing a smile across many miles by just sending a card, is still an amazing thing – and so important in building and keeping connections with those we care about. I hope you will send one today!

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