Greeting Card Companies are Getting Lots of Bad Press Lately…

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Greeting Card Companies are Getting Lots of Bad Press Lately…

If you’ve followed the news online lately, you may have heard some things about Hallmark’s plant closing and consolidation at its Kansas plant. You may have even read some articles telling how social media is going to be the end of using greeting cards forever. The buzz in the news about the future of greeting cards has been less than optimistic, BUT in reality, the greeting card business is more hopeful than it sounds.

It is true that greeting card sales may be declining, but if you think about it, can you really express the same sentiments via social media that you can with an actual greeting card? You probably already know my answer to this question. ;o)

Patti Stracher, Executive VP for Greeting Card Association, stated that using social media has definitely added “a new dimension to how people communicate.” However, she further said that Greeting Cards “play an invaluable role in our social culture” (Gifts and Dec, 10/11/2012).

Hallmark’s Senior VP, Pete Burney, explained that although social media use has cut into card sales, the card industry is “STILL selling 13 million cards a day.” In a recent news conference at the Topeka, KS plant, he further added that “the greeting card still has a very relevant place” and that greeting cards still provide a “significant business” for Hallmark (Washington Post, Associated Press, 10/2/2012).

It is obvious that social media has caused some changes in the greeting card industry, but these changes do not necessarily mean the end of giving and receiving cards. Especially if you choose to send your cards using Totally Awesome Cards. It is just different enough from traditional card sending that it can hold its own in this changing market. If you haven’t had a peek at Totally Awesome Cards, today is a great day. See how different it is. You can even Send a Free Card while you’re there!

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  1. I’ve been reading articles regarding this Hallmark issue. It’s so frustrating to know that the greeting cards industry faces such kind of situation in the global business. One major cause maybe the the power of the net. But come to think of it, greeting cards are irreplaceable. No matter what happens next, greeting cards will never go somewhere.

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