So… What About Postcards?

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So… What About Postcards?

I don’t want to go on and on about the history of postcards, but I thought it would be interesting to know of some of the highlights associated with postcards throughout our history. The first postcards that were ever mailed are believed to have been in Austria in the 1870’s. In 1873, they were starting to be used in the US, but the need for regulations arose regarding the use of illustrations. As a result, postcards did not really take off in the United States until the regulations about the drawings changed – around 1893. After 1900, more changes came that made postcards extremely popular, including more regulation changes, which now allowed the postcards to have the illustrations on the front and the writing on the back. Other advancements, like embossing, printing, and the use of photography made postcards even more desirable.

Today, postcards are not sent as often as they used to be – usually only if someone is on vacation – IF they don’t have a smart phone and have already posted their own picture to their timeline. Even if they aren’t used for personal messages, there is another way that they can still be used… A way that can help you grow your business… A way that can make YOU some money!

It is absolutely true! Using Totally Awesome Cards, you can create custom designs for postcards, just as you can for folding cards. You can even add your company’s logo – so that your “brand” can get out to the public and people can start to notice your business. Getting noticed is the first step to helping your business grow.

If you still aren’t sold on the idea of sending a large Postcard Campaign, try a test instead. Design a postcard at Totally Awesome Cards, adding your logo and a special offer for your business. Next, send it to 20 people. These can be people you personally know, people who gave you business cards, people on your block, or people who live nearby your business – send postcards to whomever makes the most sense for your particular business. Then, sit back and see what happens. If you see business picking up, even by a few customers, then it was a good thing and you can think of sending a larger postcard campaign later on. If business seems to be about the same, maybe it didn’t work this time – try a different group to target, or a different time of year, or a larger mailing and give it a second try. You will most likely be pleased from the results you get. Granted, you might not become a millionaire over night with this strategy, but then again… you might!

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