Sending Cards from the Beach??? There’s an App for That!

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Sending Cards from the Beach??? There’s an App for That!

Sending out cards is totally awesome and now it got even more awesome!  SendOutCards has now released mobile apps for phones, tablets and more.  Now, you can send Totally Awesome Cards from wherever you are!

Many of the same great features that you love about SendOutCards are available in the app. You will still be getting cards and postcards printed, stamped, and mailed for you. The app even allows you to add gift cards or other gifts to your orders, just like on the website. You can use images from Instagram, Facebook, or your mobile device’s library to upload to the app and use in your personalized greetings. Just like in the online version, you can add custom personalized messages. It even uses your contact manager from SendOutCards, so you are not missing out on that feature when using the app. As always, you can choose pre-made cards as well, from the over 12,000 pre-made cards that are already available. The possibilities are as limitless on the app as they are on the website.

Another great thing about this app is that it is now available on iTunes and Google Play markets, so no matter which mobile device you use, you can have access to your SendOutCards account from anywhere! Like I said… TOTALLY AWESOME!

To learn more or get a free trial, visit me at Totally Awesome Cards. To contact me, leave me a message on this site on the contact page at:

Sending Cards is TOTALLY AWESOME! Your friends, family, colleagues, and business contacts will love the greetings you send and you will love the convenience! Try it out today with one of the apps and send cards faster and more conveniently than you have ever sent them before!

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