Your Greeting Card Options for 2013

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Your Greeting Card Options for 2013

A new year brings new resolutions and new goals. If one of your resolutions is to stay in better contact with those you know and love, then sending greeting cards or e-cards may have crossed your mind. The options for sending greetings to others has not changed since 2012, but since it is a new year, it never hurts to review your options and maybe even consider a new approach to an old idea.

The “Old Way” of Sending Greetings:

Driving to the store, browsing through oh so many cards, finally choosing one, buying it, taking it home, writing in it, addressing it, stamping it, and mailing it. That seems like a lot of work for one greeting and it is. However, there are many out there that are still using this option for their greeting cards.

The up side: The recipient KNOWS how much effort you put out in order to send them a greeting.

The down side: Many of us just don’t have time to do all this and our best intentions get lost somewhere between our commute and carpooling and we end up just grabbing a card at the supermarket that “will do” for the occasion.

An Easier Way to Send Greetings:

A number of years ago, e-cards were started. What a great idea – sending cards without having to go card shopping! Awesome, right? Well… sort of… Many people are using this method for greetings today as well as the “Old Way,” but again, it just misses the mark.

The up side: No driving, browsing through walls of cards, buying, writing, addressing, and stamping. Just choose a card, add the name and email address of the person to send it to and add your name, and click send. It is a good time saver.

The down side: Many people don’t ever see the e-card you send them because they can get caught in e-mail spam filters. Of the ones that get through, they are usually cute and have some music or animation that makes them appealing, but often they feel a little impersonal.

A New Twist on an Old Idea:

Most recently, SendOutCards has introduced their greeting card service. It offers a new way to send real greeting cards in the same amount of time it takes to send an e-card. You login, choose your card, and customize it with the font and wording that you want (or you can even create a card from scratch so it is just right for your recipient). Then, SendOutCards prints it, places it in an envelope, addresses it, stamps it, and mails it for you. Your friends and loved ones receive an actual card and it took you less time to send it than it takes to read through your emails in the morning. Plus, with the release with their new app, you don’t even need to be sitting at the computer to send out your greetings. As an added bonus, if you need to send out the same greeting to multiple people, SendOutCards can help you with that, too! There are so many “up sides” to using this service – more greetings in less time and on top of it, it is less expensive than buying greeting cards one at a time at the store. So, welcome in 2013 by trying out a new greeting card idea – you can get started by visiting TotallyAwesomeCards and even send a card for free on me.

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