Sending the Dreaded Belated Birthday Greeting

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Sending the Dreaded Belated Birthday Greeting

We always feel terrible when it happens. For some of us, it happens more often than for others. It seems to occur more often in today’s fast-paced world than it did in years past. When it happens though, you feel like giving yourself a good palm-to-the-forehead and exclaiming “How did I do that?!?!”


So, what do you do after you realize you forgot a birthday? Well my friends, when that happens, it is time to send the belated birthday greeting. Although awkward to have to send, it is better than not recognizing a friend or family member’s birthday AT ALL. Better late than never definitely applies to belated birthday cards.

Now, what do I write that is part apology AND part birthday greeting
without sounding completely awkward???

Here are some belated birthday greetings that may help you out:

“I am sorry I missed your birthday. I hope it was all you wanted it to be on that day and in the year to come.”

“Even though I missed your birthday by a mile, I hope you celebrated it with a smile.” (From

“There’s slow speed, then snail speed, then amazingly-super-slow ME speed. I hope your birthday was amazing, even though I was amazingly slow in wishing you a happy one. May your year to come be wonderful in every way.”

“Maybe ‘burning the candle at both ends’ refers to celebrating your birthday on and AFTER the actual date? I hope so, because I am great at helping you celebrate the AFTER part.”

“Although my wishes come a little late, I hope your new year is really great! Sorry for missing your birthday.”

“Each belated birthday card should come with a little fortune in it, just like every fortune cookie does. If they did, I would wish that your days be filled with all the happiness and love that you deserve.”

“Forgetting birthdays. I am so good at it. Sorry I forgot your birthday, but I can never forget you. Belated Happy Birthday my friend. May you be blessed in many ways in the new year to come. “

Do you want to know exactly why I’m sending you this message a day later? It’s because I want you to have one more day extension for your birthday. Belated Happy Birthday! (From

“Have you ever had that nagging feeling that you have forgotten something? I had it the other day, until I remembered it was your birthday and I forgot to call. Please accept my apologies and belated birthday greetings. May this year be your best year yet!”

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