Happiness Greeting Cards…BE the Ripple

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Have you ever sat by a creek bank and tossed a pebble into the water? 

If you have, then you certainly have seen the beautiful ripple that moves through the water. In life we have the same impact on others when we make a deliberate choice to cause a ripple in life. An example might be that you always shop at the same store and you notice the cashier is sad, crying and in pain. You choose to offer a smile. Your choice not only made you happy, but it made her smile too. The ripple effect has started. She is so happy that you shared a simple smile, that she smiles at the elderly lady who is in line behind you. When you share happiness, you help everyone and that is the truth.

How can we be more conscious in creating happiness ripples?

One of the first and best ways to be a person that creates happiness in the world is to understand that you play a huge part in humanity and to see all of your actions as having an influence on others. Reaching out to those around you with a happy attitude helps to relieve the pain of others and to help you feel better as well. When you understand your part in humanity and make the choice to be happy on purpose, huge and wonderful things begin to happen.

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