Creative Ideas for Business and Personal Coaches

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Empowering Others Requires Creativity



Cool Business Ideas for Coaches

If you are a business coach or business consultant working with new entrepreneurs to create their professional business and marketing strategy one of the areas you probably have discussed is how to keep and maintain a funnel of prospects all of the time. Traditionally marketing has been in the newspaper, magazines and perhaps television commercials or billboards. Today the landscape of marketing has changed. Today’s consumers demand to have their eyes pleased and almost immediately on a website, in social media or within the pages of a blog such as this. 


Business Coaches are Required to have Expansive Creativity

As a business coach you area always looking for new ways to not only guide your clients on different and unique ways to attract, gain and keep paying clients for their business, but you are also always looking for new ways to keep your own clients happy and returning to you for more work. Greeting cards are a great way to do this. Send Out Cards provides you an affordable marketing avenue from which to not only send a greeting card but to send a personalized greeting card that is unforgettable. When was the last time you, a busy coach, went to the mailbox and found a card with a picture of someone’s family vacation or snapshot of a new baby, imprinted straight onto the card? When you do receive this treasure you  will see the sheer power of sending a custom greeting card to your client base.

Here are 5 ideas for business coaches to use when sending greeting cards in their unique service business.

  1. When you first sign up your new client send a greeting card of welcome.
  2. When milestons are met and you are super proud of them, send a card of congratulations
  3. When something happens in their life that affects your course such as death, birth or tragedy
  4. When they graduate from their coaching course
  5. And most importantly on their birthday

Of course as a successful business coach you may have other times when you would like to just remind your students that they are safe in your hands.


Here’s To You with Lots of Love

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