Heart Space Marketing – A Great Idea

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februaryAre you a business owner with a flat marketing campaign that you just can’t seem to get moving and shaking? Do you really want to market from and to the heartspace to create a personalized experience for your customers? Let’s look back at the concept of marketing to see just where we have been and where we are going in the future. Going into the “Way Back” machine do you remember the old Coca-Cola commercials where a group of people were holding candles and singing “I’d like to teach the world to sing”, or the “Ancient Chinese Secret” detergent commercial?

♥It’s Never Too Late for Heart Space Marketing!♥



These brands used marketing techniques such as television advertisements & billboards to create a brand awareness. Marketing this way reaches the masses, but doesn’t really create a sense of personalization and warmth.  Today in the busy marketing environment we are blessed with, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest dominate the social media world. Yes! Social Media is a great way to connect, but when your intention is to make money, you must always look at new and exciting ways to market your concepts.

SendOutCards is a unique way to customize and personalize the marketing experience for the ones who matter the most to the success of your businesss – your customers, clients, vendors and even employees. In relation to marketing, having a greeting card campaign builds solid rapport with your prospects and clients. 

As a busy business owner and decision  maker, you must always be ready to explore new ways to spread the message about the products your company offers, the value they bring to the table, and increasing profit by creating return customers. Using traditional marketing methods of the past can be very expensive. On the same token, thinking about how future advancements are going to affect your company bottom line can be overwhelming. Sending out greeting cards along with your business contact information is a great idea of marketing at the heart level.


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