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When you sell a house, you make a friend.

Are you a real estate agent looking for a new and exciting way to connect with your buyers? Often the personal or human element is kind of left by the wayside in a real estate transaction. As you think about unique ways to stay in contact, think about the beauty of a greeting card. Here are some ideas for using Send Out Cards Let’s see how we can create a unique marketing campaign for your real estate business:

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Idea #1 – Send a greeting card to your buyer on their birthday to let them know you remembered! Everyone wants to know they are special during this day. Often this marketing strategy is overlooked.

Idea #2 – Send a card to all of the people who inquire about property from your website. When someone comes to your website and asks about property, they leave their address. Send them a nice greeting card to let them know you are serious about helping them find what they need.

Idea #3 – Send a unique greeting card to your buyers during special holidays. Every holiday is a good day to connect with the people who fuel your real estate business.

Idea #4 – Use a cute greeting card to offer a referral or finder’s fee to your current base. You want to reward others for referring potential buyers to your company so why not use a customized card for this purpose?


When marketing your real estate business it’s so important to make a personal connection so that your market knows you are a real person with real ambitions ready to do a wonderful job for their family. When they go to their mailbox and see a customized card from you, they will smile and they will remember your name. – Your #1 way to market your Authentic Business

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