Life is a HUGE playground and I fully intend to enjoy every moment!

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It is my mission in life to share happiness with everyone I meet. My professional career path allows me to do just that. Please take a moment to fully enjoy this website by joining our email list, subscribing to our RSS for updates and commenting on any post that touches your heart. 

My Story….

Ever since I was a child I had always dreamed of being an entrepreneur. Throughout the world people everywhere have dreams of success & prosperity, I was one of them, I had something in my heart that wanted to express! Entrepreneurs are like that aren’t they? Big dreams and determination combined make for an exciting life.

My business start was much like many of yours. I had partnered with my brother as a young girl doing a paper route, the starting point for millions of other entrepreneurs. I would have to get up very early and help wrap the papers and take them in our wagon for delivery! I was very proud of that job, but I was also young! I did multiple jobs after that but nothing that allowed me to shine. In my early 20’s I started a company designing dance wear, swimwear, & sportswear for bodybuilders & dancers. I did this for about 17 years, and it had become a JOB but I still had not found my true passion!

In my mid-40’s I became involved with Network Marketing. Failing misery, I started selling cars! Disaster! So I went back to Network Marketing and this time I chose a company called Send Out Cards. I saw the potential for healing peoples hearts with kindness and surprise! I jumped right in.

Send Out Cards has allowed me to be spiritually & artistically creative, as well as financially independent. I love showing others how to express themselves with pictures & words. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to hear how someones heart had been touched by a personalized message through a creative greeting card that they had just received.

If you are ready to learn more about how sending greeting cards can help increase your income and give you a better lifestyle, please visit today!