Holidays Got You Blue?

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Sad gingerbread man

Millions of men and women suffer from the BLUES during the Holidays!

Here are some fun ideas for beating the blues. 

It’s that time of year again. Many people enjoy celebrating the holidays during this time of year, but for many it’s a time of depression and anxiety, fear and isolation. There are many possible reasons why the holidays seem to create a feeling of the BLUES but the GREAT news is that there are ways to change the emotions that don’t feel so good. You are holding in your hand the most valuable tool you will every own, in transforming your feeling of having the blues into a feeling of gratitude and joy. Good tidings of comfort and joy! May they surround you this Holiday.

In a Season Materialized – Let’s go back to the basics.

When you were a child, did you have fun at Christmas, baking cookies for Santa and eagerly awaiting the sunrise Christmas morning when you could rush to the tree to see what gifts awaited you? That is a fantastic memory that can be brought back to life if you are ever feeling blue. Just think about finding the one thing you wanted so much appearing in your life. The “BLUES” are often caused by many things but one thing is for sure, they can be transformed into JOY if you will allow.

Sharing of YOU is also a great way to feel better. Here are some ideas for sharing of yourself during the holiday season: 

  1. Get Creative – Get out the glue and poster board and make your own Holiday Wish List, the tack it to the wall so you can see it every day.
  2. Send a Card – One of the best ways to reach out to those you love is to send a greeting card with all of the sweetness you can fill into the pages.
  3. Fruit Baskets – This is not only a health alternative to candy, but will surely make someone smile.

Did you know that smiles are always given back? If you smile today, you will receive love in return. It is our sincere hope that this blog post has helped you to feel better about the holidays when it really is a time to celebrate everything that is good in the world. Every breath we are given is a gift from above, and one to be cherished.


Happy Holidays from Our Family to Yours!






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Women in Business Encourage, Support & Nurture

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8-16-2013 9-16-25 AM

Women in Authentic Business 

Congratulations!! You are a strong woman who has made the decision to be in business for yourself. You may want to be home with your children to see them grow, or you may have a strong creative desire to be an inspired entrepreneur. Whatever your reason, you are a woman business owner and are committed to success. Women in history have bonded and formed unbreakable connections for unilateral success by tapping into their creative core and stepping up in the world of business. Your strong emotions and nurturing beliefs allow you to create a business with authenticity and grace.

There has never been a better time to be a business owner than today! 

When deciding to become a woman business owner you go through phases where you wonder what activities in business would best be a vibrational fit for your visions of success. Marketing is one area you will find consumes much of your thought time. Creative solutions for marketing a divine authentic business are on your priority list. We have found greeting cards to be a unique and very personal way to connect with both your current marketing base and future prospects.

Have you ever gone out to get the mail to find a greeting card with your name hand written on the envelope? If you have then you know an emotion surfaces almost instantly. This emotion is happiness that someone thought of you for your birthday, special occasion or for sympathy. Either way, the happiness factor when someone opens a greeting card is powerful and is a great tool for you to use in your marketing.

The natural bond women business owners share is the bond of having a nurturing soul. My our very birthright as women, we want to help others. We want to help young children grow and develop their hearts and minds into loving and successful adults. We want to help our friends become better wives, mothers and leaders. Finally we want to help our daughters become great female leaders by being an example to theme.

SendOut Cards is a company dedicated to helping you succeed in life and business.

For more information visit 





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When life and nature transition! The perfect time to reconnect with loved ones.

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As life transitions, reconnect!

It’s nearing the end of July and the beginning of Autumn is just around the bend. The school supplies are on the shelves as little ones prepare to return to the school room soon. In nature, the trees are preparing to rest through the winter months, and the beautiful leaves are transitioning in color, creating a tapestry of amazement for humanity. Often we forget about those in our life who have helped us get to where we are today. Autumn is a transition period that is perfect for reconnecting with people who have made your life a better place to live.

Who made you smile this year? 

A good place to start when deciding to reconnect with important people in your life, is with those who have made you smile. This could be the lady at the nearby grocery store, or your postal carrier. Perhaps someone helped you with a problem you were having and made you laugh. These people are amazing and worthy of your attention. SendOutCards is a perfect way to reach out to people who have made you smile. Write a list of 10 people who have made you smile. Can’t think of any? Start now and each time someone brings a grin to your face, write down their name.

Who have you met on Social Media?

We all use Facebook on a daily basis. It’s on our phones, on our computers and more importantly on our minds each and every day. Facebook is one social media outlet that lets you meet wonderful people every day. Often you will see a Facebook post that simply shows an image that inspired or motivates you. Take this transitional time to learn more about those who inspire you on social media, then send them a personalized greeting card.

How will you reconnect with others this Fall? 

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Summer Fun, Splashing and Your Inner Child

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When was the last time you splashed in a puddle?

Fluffy Pup_402

Did you know that your inner child is a part of you? He or she has been with you forever, yet you may not have taken the time to acknowledge your inner child. No matter what your physical age, you can take time today to nurture your inner child and play! Send Out Cards is the perfect opportunity to send your family members memories of your play day with you. Does that sound fun? Here are some ideas for having fun, capturing that fun filled day on camera, then creating a greeting card to send to all of your family and friends.

  • The next time you are at a park, hit the swings and hit them hard. 
  • When it rains, get a colorful umbrella and go outside to play.
  • Go buy some balloons and blow them up and enjoy.
  • Find your puppy love – or a puppy

Send Out Cards is a unique and fun way to share your life with others, make people extremely happy and create a positive light in someone’s life. With the snapshots of your Inner Child Play Date you can create a greeting card that creates millions of smiles. Sending greeting cards for any reason is great for personal and professional development.


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SOC is Perfect for Real Estate Marketing | Show Some Love

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When you sell a house, you make a friend.

Are you a real estate agent looking for a new and exciting way to connect with your buyers? Often the personal or human element is kind of left by the wayside in a real estate transaction. As you think about unique ways to stay in contact, think about the beauty of a greeting card. Here are some ideas for using Send Out Cards Let’s see how we can create a unique marketing campaign for your real estate business:

7-2-2013 9-20-54 AM

Idea #1 – Send a greeting card to your buyer on their birthday to let them know you remembered! Everyone wants to know they are special during this day. Often this marketing strategy is overlooked.

Idea #2 – Send a card to all of the people who inquire about property from your website. When someone comes to your website and asks about property, they leave their address. Send them a nice greeting card to let them know you are serious about helping them find what they need.

Idea #3 – Send a unique greeting card to your buyers during special holidays. Every holiday is a good day to connect with the people who fuel your real estate business.

Idea #4 – Use a cute greeting card to offer a referral or finder’s fee to your current base. You want to reward others for referring potential buyers to your company so why not use a customized card for this purpose?


When marketing your real estate business it’s so important to make a personal connection so that your market knows you are a real person with real ambitions ready to do a wonderful job for their family. When they go to their mailbox and see a customized card from you, they will smile and they will remember your name. – Your #1 way to market your Authentic Business

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God sent a Rainbow! Now it’s your turn…

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Be a Rainbow

God used a beautiful rainbow to show his love to us. The rainbow signifies love but it also signifies the sharing of beauty in life. When you see in vivid color, life just seems to be more fun and easy. For example the color blue reminds me of the sky and water. The color orange reminds me of fruit, health and vitality. Using colors to create joy and happiness is a good way to “be the Rainbow”.  Each time you see a new color today, thing of a way you can use it to share joy with another.

Greeting cards are an excellent way to share happiness with others. SendOutCards allows you total creative expression when sending cards to someone. Just think of the last time you received a card in the mail and it surprised you!!!


SendOutCards – A Great Way to Be the Rainbow


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