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The Vibration of Kindness

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As we move through life, we can choose kindness.

I am recently amazed at the awareness of how our actions as humans can have an impact not only upon our own hearts, but on others around us. Yesterday in the USA we memorialized a day where acts of unkindess caused someone to slam a plane into a building harming and killing other people. Somewhere in the hearts of those who chose to be unkind, there was pain. A pain that only they felt and only they could remedy. Although this was a sad day, it’s also a good time to reflect on the opposite – kindness. Having an awareness of how being kind to another can cause a very exciting vibration for us and everyone around us, is one way of playing our role as a steward to humanity and the earth.

Have you ever received a gift of kindness from another that made you feel warm inside? Did this energy stay with you for the day, week, month? Kindness is a direct reflection of our heart and soul. Simply helping someone put away groceries, or giving money to your neighbor can bring you great rewards inside of your own mind.

As a connected universe, we have options to connect with other people and to show kindness in our personal lives and on behalf of our business. Because many people are choosing the path of self employment today and working online businesses, we can enjoy the benefits of kindness by giving through many vibrant channels. Social media is one great way to show others you care about them. Facebook has given people the freedom of expression like never before. Have you seen the pictures on Facebook with a line or two of motivational and inspirational text? These always make me smile. Simply putting something on your wall can help increase someone’s good energy vibration and could change their life.

Although social media and Internet marketing are popular methods of connecting, there remains one manner of connecting that has proven to be a great way to share kindness, joy, concern, applauds & support: Sending greeting cards!

Click Here to see a demo of how SendOutCards is helping spread joy across the world and how you can show your love and kindess to others. We are changing the world and creating smiles every single moment of every day! 

If you have been reading our blog posts, you have seen some great ideas for the successful use of greeting cards to uplift spirits and to connect with your business contacts. Please sign up for our blog to receive updats when new information is posted. What we want to do is show you how to use this tool to beneft your life in many ways… Kindness and sharing kindness comes from your heart. Expression of your emotions shows when you create a masterpiece with our proprietary software.

I received a greeting card from Jodi in the mail with a picture of myself and my fiance on the front. Inside was a beautiful quote about love up a picture of my fiance’s hand touching a flower at the walking trail. When I opened the card I smiled and had butterflies in my tummy. This is the feeling of receiving kindness. Carla Wynn, Metamorphosis Mentor at Be The Change Now.

Come over to http://www.TotallyAwesomeCards.com today.

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Heart Space Marketing – A Great Idea

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februaryAre you a business owner with a flat marketing campaign that you just can’t seem to get moving and shaking? Do you really want to market from and to the heartspace to create a personalized experience for your customers? Let’s look back at the concept of marketing to see just where we have been and where we are going in the future. Going into the “Way Back” machine do you remember the old Coca-Cola commercials where a group of people were holding candles and singing “I’d like to teach the world to sing”, or the “Ancient Chinese Secret” detergent commercial?

♥It’s Never Too Late for Heart Space Marketing!♥



These brands used marketing techniques such as television advertisements & billboards to create a brand awareness. Marketing this way reaches the masses, but doesn’t really create a sense of personalization and warmth.  Today in the busy marketing environment we are blessed with, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest dominate the social media world. Yes! Social Media is a great way to connect, but when your intention is to make money, you must always look at new and exciting ways to market your concepts.

SendOutCards is a unique way to customize and personalize the marketing experience for the ones who matter the most to the success of your businesss – your customers, clients, vendors and even employees. In relation to marketing, having a greeting card campaign builds solid rapport with your prospects and clients. 

As a busy business owner and decision  maker, you must always be ready to explore new ways to spread the message about the products your company offers, the value they bring to the table, and increasing profit by creating return customers. Using traditional marketing methods of the past can be very expensive. On the same token, thinking about how future advancements are going to affect your company bottom line can be overwhelming. Sending out greeting cards along with your business contact information is a great idea of marketing at the heart level.


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