When life and nature transition! The perfect time to reconnect with loved ones.

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As life transitions, reconnect!

It’s nearing the end of July and the beginning of Autumn is just around the bend. The school supplies are on the shelves as little ones prepare to return to the school room soon. In nature, the trees are preparing to rest through the winter months, and the beautiful leaves are transitioning in color, creating a tapestry of amazement for humanity. Often we forget about those in our life who have helped us get to where we are today. Autumn is a transition period that is perfect for reconnecting with people who have made your life a better place to live.

Who made you smile this year? 

A good place to start when deciding to reconnect with important people in your life, is with those who have made you smile. This could be the lady at the nearby grocery store, or your postal carrier. Perhaps someone helped you with a problem you were having and made you laugh. These people are amazing and worthy of your attention. SendOutCards is a perfect way to reach out to people who have made you smile. Write a list of 10 people who have made you smile. Can’t think of any? Start now and each time someone brings a grin to your face, write down their name.

Who have you met on Social Media?

We all use Facebook on a daily basis. It’s on our phones, on our computers and more importantly on our minds each and every day. Facebook is one social media outlet that lets you meet wonderful people every day. Often you will see a Facebook post that simply shows an image that inspired or motivates you. Take this transitional time to learn more about those who inspire you on social media, then send them a personalized greeting card.

How will you reconnect with others this Fall? 

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